Hinduism in Kenya

Hinduism is a minority confidence in Kenya,constituting 0.13% of the number of inhabitants in Kenya. Because of the support of the Hindu Committee of Kenya, Kenya is one of just three African nations to perceive Hinduism. Hindus are allowed to rehearse their religion in Kenya, and a few Kenyan urban communities have Hindu sanctuaries. The Hindu sanctuaries in Kenya are for the most part of north and west Indian design style.


Hinduism in Kenya for the most part originates from waterfront exchange courses between essentially between Gujarat, Marwar and Odisha in India and East Africa.
The impact of Hinduism in Kenya started in mid first thousand years Advertisement when there was exchange between East Africa and Indian subcontinent. Archeological proof of little Hindu settlements have been found for the most part in Zanzibar and seaside parts of Kenya, Swahili coast, Zimbabwe and Madagascar. Numerous words in Swahili language have their etymological roots in Indian dialects related with Hinduism. The root of the Kenyan Gujarati goes back to the late 1800s (mid 1900s), when English colonialists carried workers from India to assemble the Uganda–Kenya railroad. A large number of the workers, as opposed to make a trip back to the Indian subcontinent, essentially settled in Kenya, and gradually carried with them a large group of hopefuls ready to begin anew.


One percent of Kenyan populace rehearsed Hinduism as detailed by IRF. In any case, as indicated by the 2019 Statistics ,there are 60,287 Hindus in Kenya,who establish 0.13% of the populace.
As indicated by the Seat Exploration Center evaluations there were 60,000 Hindus in Kenya in 2010, or under 0.25% of the all out Kenyan populace.

Hindus in Kenya

Today, the Gujarati people group in Kenya is assessed at more than ninety thousand, and is scattered all through the nation. Notwithstanding changing degrees of cultural assimilation, most have held their solid Gujarati ties.
HSS (RSS) and ISKCON are the fundamental supporters of the general public in enormous by sorting out open occasions and presenting numerous government assistance projects, for example, the food alleviation programs and different administrations which has pulled in numerous Kenyans and made a decent notoriety of the Hindu people group on the loose.
Pushtimarg Vaishnav Sangh and Brahma Kumaris are additionally dynamic in Kenya.


There are in excess of 100 Hindu sanctuaries in Kenya, including Shri Swaminarayan Mandir, Nairobi (EASS Sanctuary) and BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir Nairobi.

Hindu Associations

The Hindu Chamber of Kenya is an umbrella body for Hindus in Kenya. The Gathering is perceived by the Administration. Until a couple of years back, the Hindus were portrayed in the voters’ register as ‘non-Muslims’. Because of the endeavors of the Gathering, they are presently depicted as ‘Hindus’. The Chamber gives a prospectus and books to Hindu strict training.


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