Vetoba is worshipped in Konkan area of Maharashtra and Goa. He is a deity of the Aravali people, and also known as Agyavetal, Pralayvetal and Iwalavetal. He is noted for his footwear, which consists of large Kolhapuri chappals (a type of leather flip-flop). He is usually depicted carrying a sword and holding a skull bowl. Vetoba is popularly known as Betal in Goa.
Modes of worship differ from place to place. Offerings of sugar and bananas are made, and animal sacrifice is disapproved of.
Lord Vetal is king of ghosts. The konkan desh is ruled by Vetal and his ghosts. He is worshipped for protection from ghosts. Konkan area is believed to be overpopulated by ghosts and demons. Macchindranath, according to the 5th adhyaya of Navnath Bhaktisaar Granth, made war on the ghosts, and was defeated by Vetal’s army of ghosts from all over North India and beyond.