Yakshinis (याक्षिणी Sanskrit: yakṣiṇī or yakṣī; Pali: yakkhiṇī or yakkhī) like Apsaras are historical beings of Hindu, Buddhist, and Jain religion.
Yakshinis are the female counterparts of the male Yaksha, and they are attendees of Kubera, the Hindu god of wealth who rules in the religion and history. Himalayan kingdom of Alaka. Yakshinis live in Yaksha Lok, serving Lord Kuber, the treasurer of the Gods. They are one of the many divine and celestially beautiful beings, but still different from Nag, Devta, and Apsara.
Although yakshinis are usually benevolent, there are also yakshinis with malevolent characteristics in Indian folklore.
The ashoka tree is closely associated with yakshinis. The young girl at the foot of the tree is an ancient motif indicating fertility on the Indian Subcontinent. One of the recurring elements in Indian art, often found as gatekeepers in ancient Buddhist and Hindu temples, is a Yakshi with her foot on the trunk and her hands holding the branch of a stylized flowering ashoka or, less frequently, other tree with flowers or fruits.
In Uddamareshvara Tantra, thirty-six yakshinis are described, including their mantras and ritual prescriptions. A similar list of Yakshas and yakshinis are given in the Tantraraja Tantra, where it says that these beings are givers of whatever is desired. They are the guardians of the treasure hidden in the earth.

36 Yakshinis Believed By Hindus Are :-

  1. Vichitra (The Lovely One): She bestows all desires.
  2. Vibhrama (Amorous One)
  3. Hamsi (The one with Swan): She reveals the whereabouts of buried treasure, and grants an unguent with which one may see through solid objects
  4. Bhishani (The Terrifying): The ritual is to be performed at the junction of 3 paths. The mantra is to be recited 10,000 times. Camphor and ghee are to be used as the offering. Om Aim Drim Mahamode Bhishani Dram Dram Svaha
  5. Janaranjika (Delighting Men): She gives great good fortune and happiness.
  6. Vishala (Large Eyed): She gives the alchemical elixir
  7. Madana (Lustful): She gives a cure-all pill.
  8. Ghanta (Bell): She gives the ability to enchant the world
  9. Kalakarni (Ears Adorned with Kalas)
  10. Mahabhaya (Greatly Fearful): Protection from disease. She gives freedom from fear and the secret of alchemy, also freeing one from grey hair and signs of old age
  11. Mahendri (Greatly Powerful): Gives the person the ability to fly and go anywhere. One obtains Patala Siddhi
  12. Shankhini (Conch Girl ): Fulfilment of any desire
  13. Chandri (Moon Girl)
  14. Shmashana (Cremation Ground Girl ): She gives treasure, destroys obstacles, and one is able to paralyse folk with a mere glance
  15. Vatayakshini: She also gives a divine and magical unguent
  16. Mekhala (Love Girdle)
  17. Vikala: She yields the desired fruit
  18. Lakshmi (Wealth): She gives Lakshmi Siddhi, the secrets of alchemy, and heavenly treasure
  19. Malini (Flower Girl ): She gives Khadga Siddhi, which means being able to stop any weapon.
  20. Shatapatrika (100 Flowers )
  21. Sulochana (Lovely Eyed): She gives Paduka Siddhi, enabling one to travel at great speed through the aethers
  22. Shobha: The Devi gives the power of full enjoyment and the appearance of great beauty
  23. Kapalini (Skull Girl): She gives Kapala Siddhi. She gives the power to go anywhere in the aethers in one’s sleep, and also to go to any great distance away.
  24. Varayakshini
  25. Nati (Actress): The Nati gives hidden treasure, an alchemical unguent, and the power of mantra yoga
  26. Kameshvari
  27. Apsara (beautiful)
  28. Karnapisachi
  29. Manohara (Fascinating)
  30. Pramoda (Fragrant)
  31. Anuragini (Very Passionate)
  32. Nakhakeshi
  33. Bhamini
  34. Padmini
  35. Svarnavati: She gives Anjana Siddhi
  36. Ratipriya (Fond of Love)