Bhairavakona Sanctuary is an antiquated sanctuary which is situated on the edges of Udayagiri Town. It is 1 km from the Old Transport stand focus. 200 meters from Udayagiri Nellore Street.

Bhairavakona Sanctuary History

This Sanctuary was worked during the period 600 – 630 A.D by Pallava ruler Mahendra Varma. Later this sanctuary was remodeled by Chola rulers during the seventh and eleventh hundreds of years. This sanctuary was worked in a day and is cut out of a solitary stone. Another intriguing certainty is that 101 Shivalingas cut on the Bhairaveswaralayam rock.
In this sanctuary, there are 8 Siva Linga sub-sanctuaries, out of which 7 holy places face towards the East and one is towards the North. The sanctuary which faces towards the North is having Master Siva, Ruler Vishnu and Ruler Brahma symbols in it. Just Shiva Linga is made out of stone, rest all God pictures were designed on the stone itself. One not miss the occasion when the moon beams upon the arrival of Karthika Pournami contacts Trimukha Durgambika which is a spell-jumping perspective and eye dining experience to the lovers.

Bhairavakona Sanctuary Legends

Kalabhairava is the Kshetra Palaka (Defender) to this sanctuary so the sanctuary got the name as Bhairava Kona.
Another form is that Kalabhairava Kona is named after Lord Kalabhairava who managed this district for quite a while.
One more form appended to this sanctuary is that there carried on a shepherd by name Kalabhairava Kondaiah, who used to take care of his cows at this slopes. During that time the water stream is low and not ready to give enough water to steers. So he petitioned God and said that he will offer himself if spring streams high. Shockingly, water began streaming high and it fulfilled the dairy cattle thirst. As guaranteed he offered himself to the God by hacking his head. His body and head were covered at this spot, from that point this spot called by his name as Bhairava Kona.
It is said that Savvy Bhrugu did atonement here for quite a while so the primary icon in this sanctuary is called as Bhrugeswara Swamy.

Bhairavakona Sanctuary Celebrations

Karthika Pournami which is the propitious months for Master Siva and Vishnu will be praised in a terrific.
Another significant celebration Maha Sivaratri, which is devoted to Master siva will be praised in a fabulous manner.