The Akashiganga water falls in the Hojai district of the Indian state of Assam. It rises in a forested area at an altitude of 900 meters (3,000,000). The fall drops 43 feet, and there is a sanctuary dedicated to Shiva here. The waterfall is held in love and enthusiasts visit this fall to kick off the mighty Magh Bihu event.


Akashiganga in Hojai district is located on National Highway 36 which is a beautiful 11.6 km route from Doboka Town, in Hojai district, Assam India.


As evidenced by Sati’s legend, Shiva was transferring his large body of Sati and wandering around the universe in a mysterious fire with an unpopular gesture. In order to treat Shiva he will equate Vishnu with Sati’s dead body and his body, and his head is admitted to fall next to Akashiganga. As a result the area is a respected pilgrimage site for Hindus who travel extensively with the arrival of Makar Sankranti, called Magh Bihu in Assam, to dive deep into the water to purify its faults.

Puranic Importance

The Akashiganga water falls independently of the Bablang stream. The Akashiganga notice name derives from the eighteenth part of the Kalika purana.

Tourism Development

The Assam Government in its capital in Deppur in 2010 proposed an investment of Rs 42 lakhs to upgrade the basic offices, for example, drinking water, power and hearing around the bullets to advance the tourism industry. Considering the content of fluoride in the form of waterfalls, the Assam Tourism Development Corporation has recommended a viable source of water.