Navlakha temple


Navlakha Temple at Ghumli, Gujarat, India, is a twelfth Century Temple constructed by Jethwa rulers.


Navlakha Temple at Ghumli was worked by Jethwa rulers in eleventh century committed to Sun god, Surya and is most established sun sanctuary of Gujarat. It has the biggest base (Uagati) of the sanctuaries in Gujarat, estimating 45.72 x 30.48 m. Confronting East, it had an excellent passage curve or Kirti Toran, that is presently lost. The sanctum sanctorum (garbhagriha), secured pradakshina way, enormous social affair corridor and its three shringar chokis are attractive. On the encompassing strolling way we discover three bearings with galleries. The mandapa has eight-sided columns for help. In the little specialties we discover figures. The doors are two celebrated. At the back mass of the sanctuary we discover two colossal elephants battling with their trunks. In Bhadra gavaksha there is the picture of Brahma-Savitri, in the west is the Shiva-Parvati, toward the north is Lakshmi Narayan.
The Navlakha Temple worked at an expense of Nine Lacs subsequently the name Navlakha. The sanctuary is worked in Maru-Gurjara engineering (or the Solanki style). Have the three weaving tusks of elephants as its trademark and is viewed as high early afternoon of Solanki style of draftsman.
Outside principle sanctuary there is a sanctuary devoted to Ganesha, called the Ganesh Dehra.

Present status

The Archeological Survey of India, has taken up recovery of sanctuary and build up the spot as site of traveler and authentic significance.