Kapila Theertham is a well known Saivite Sanctuary and Theertham, situated at Tirupati in the Chittoor Locale of Andhra Pradesh, India.


As indicated by Sanctuary Legend Kapila Muni had performed repentance to Siva at this spot and pleasured with the Muni’s commitment, Siva and Parvathi introduced themselves. The Lingam is accepted to act naturally showed. Kapila muni is accepted to rose up out of the Bilam(Cavity) in the Pushkarini(Theertham) on to the earth.


In spite of the fact that this present sanctuary’s criticalness has lessened due to the colossally well known neighboring Sanctuaries in Tirumala and Tiruchanoor, it got excellent support from the Rulers of Vijayanagara in the thirteenth through sixteenth hundreds of years, particularly Saluva Narasimha Deva Raya, and the endlessly celebrated Sri Krishna Deva Raya, and a portion of the later rulers like Venkatapathi Raya, and Aliya Ramaraya, Sri Krishna Deva Raya’s Child in-law.

Religious importance

During ‘Kartika’ month on the event of its “mukkoti” on the ‘Purnima’ (full moon) day, all the teerthas arranged in the three world’s converge into this Kapila Teertham around early afternoon for ten ‘Ghatikas'(one ghatika is identical to 24 minutes). It is accepted that people washing in it at that promising time will accomplish salvation from the pattern of birth and passing (‘Brahmaloka’). Also, the individuals who have never offered Pindam (thidhi or thadhhina) to their left predecessor spirits can do it here and wash off your wrongdoings for non execution of it in past.


The sanctuary praises exceedingly significant celebrations of Shaivism which incorporates Maha Shivaratri, Karthika Deepam, Vinayaka Chavithi, Adikirtika and so forth. Kapileswara Swamy Brahmotsavams is the greatest occasion of the sanctuary celebrated by TTD during the period of February. It is a nine-day occasion where the processional divinity of Ruler Shiva and Parvathi will taken parade on various vahanams beginning with Hamsa vahanam and finishing with Trishula snanam(celestial shower to Siva Trident).