Kotilingeswara Temple was constructed in the 10th century and it is among the famous tourist attractions of Rajahmundry. This beautiful temple is surrounded by various bathing ghats and attracts many devotees and tourists. It is a pilgrimage centre for the believers of Lord Shiva and is frequented by pilgrims to make a dip in holy water.

It is believed by local priests that Sage Gautama cursed the king Indra. He placed a Shivalingam in order to wash off his sins and relieved himself from the curse. Moreover, he anointed the Shivalingam with water of around 1 crore rivers.
Located around 45 km from Kakinada near Draksharamam Temple, it is considered as the ferry point to cross the Godavari River.

This is also belived as the Shakti Peetha, and Godess Rakini or Vishweshwari  have evolved from Cheeks of Sati devi