Lankeshwar {(Pron: ˈlæŋˌkeɪʃwə(r)} Temple is an ancient Shiva temple on top of a hill in the western part of the Guwahati city near the campus of Gauhati University. The Lankeshwar Temple of Assam is an ancient temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple is placed atop a hill amidst a picturesque location. Lankeshwar is one of the many forms of Lord Shiva. The followers of Lord Shiva considered the temple as one of the most sacred one. Devotees all around the year visit this temple and seek divine blessings.
The Lankeshwar Temple in Guwahati is not only popular with the religiously inclined people but with the general tourists also. Most common visitors are amongst the couples of Guwahati city, students of Gauhati University, and that of Assam Engineering College. The wonderful location of the temple is a major reason for this. Since it is situated in a convenient location in the city, it is very easily accessible. Guwahati City Bus Number 6 provides with direct public transportation. This is an added advantage for the place and one of the reasons behind its popularity. Moreover, the temple is believed to be very sacred to the pilgrims who visit here.