Sri Sunama Jakini Maatha was born into Suryavamshi Kshatriya Are-Katika community of Pinnepalli village in Anantapur district, Andhra Pradesh, India. A temple was built for this goddess in Gooty town of Anantapur district, Andhra Pradesh is also one of the first temple for Suryavamshi Kshatriya Are-katika community.


Sri Sunama Jakini maatha was born in Malkari family from Are-Katika community at Pinnepalli village of Yadiki mandal, Tadipatri taluk, Anantapur district (officially: Anantapuramu), Andhra Pradesh state of India. She married to Hanumanthakari Thanji Rao at a very young age. She was very devotional and use to observe fasting very often. One day during fasting she fell unconscious. Her husband thought that she is dead and ordered to bury her. Localites requested her husband to pass on the message to her mother, father and brothers who live in Pinnepalli village. Her husband did not allow this. As localites were getting ready to bury her, they found that Sunama maatha is still alive and informed the same to her husband. Under alcohol effect her husband ordered them to bury her anyway. In that sense Sunama Jakini maatha has taken jeeva samadhi (Buddhism: Nirvana). It is estimated that this incident took place around 1803 AD.
Sunama maatha’s family members came to know about the incident after some days and broke an argument with her husband. In a fit of rage he told them no point in arguing with him better go to her grave and cry. They found white fresh flowers on her grave even after few days of her burial. They heard a celestial voice (Akashvani) announcing them to get marry Sunama maatha’s husband with her sister Malkuma Jakini. On refusing this, her family members tongues sagged like dogs. Soon they realised their mistake and agreed to get marry Sunama Jakini maatha’s sister Malkuma Jakini with her husband Tanji Rao. From that time Sunama Jakini maatha is worshipped as goddess re-incarnation by Are-Katika community.