Shri Keshavraiji Sanctuary is situated on an island Beyt Dwarka, Gujarat, India. It is an antiquated sanctuary devoted to Master Krishna which was worked by the Pushkarna (Pushtikar) Brahmin people group. It is arranged close to Heavenly lake “Shankh Sarovar” which is 1km from Beyt Wharf and Dwarkadhish Sanctuary. Wager Dwarka is popular for its sanctuaries devoted to Master Krishna and is critical in the antiquated Hindu custom.

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By MaheshmvasuOwn work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

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By MaheshmvasuOwn work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

Master Shri Keshavraiji

Master Shri Keshavraiji is Ishtdev of Samasth Pushkarna Gyati. This old sanctuary is situated in Wager Dwarka, close Mahaprabhuji Bethak, which is 30 km away from Dwarka, on the coastline. Pushkarna Brahmin alongside Bhatia fans, generally from Sindh, Rajasthan, Kutch, Gujarat and Punjab, visit Wager Dwarka to revere Ruler Keshavraiji frequently. Registers observer the forename and family name of all pushkarna enthusiasts, manually written as some time in the past as 250 years.
To arrive at Wager Dwarka one needs to head out to Okha, and afterward continue by speedboat to Wager Dwarka. Okha is associated by rail and is the last railroad station. There is an immediate train to Okha from Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Gorakhpur, Guwahati, Eranakulam Intersection, Rameshwaram, Puri, Dehradun, Varanasi Intersection.