Shiva temple, Kera

Gujarat Shiva Temples

The Shiva sanctuary, Kera, otherwise called Lakheshwara sanctuary of Kerakot, is situated in Kera town close Bhuj of Kutch region in Gujarat. The sanctuary was worked during the rule of the Chaulukya tradition (Solankis) in the later piece of the tenth Century (ninth to eleventh century) and is committed to Shiva. The sanctuary has been exposed to extreme seismic tremor harms during the quake of 1819 and the Bhuj seismic tremor of 2001. In any case, the sanctuary’s tower, inward sanctum and the models are still in an alluring condition.


The Shiva sanctuary is situated in Kera town in Bhuj of Kutch area in Gujarat. Bhuj is the closest rail head with two express trains, the Bhuj Express and the Kutch Express working between Bhuj, Ahmedabad and Mumbai. Bhuj is likewise the air terminal which associates with Mumbai. It is very much associated by street through different urban areas in the state and is a good ways off of around 22 kilometers (14 mi) toward the south of Bhuj.


The Shiva sanctuary of Kera is dated to the later piece of the tenth Century (ninth to eleventh century is likewise referenced), worked during the rule of the Chaulukya administration (Solankis). Near this sanctuary, there is the Fortification of Kapilkot, which is additionally in a run down condition. The sanctuary is credited to Ra Lakha Phulani who was administering his capital at Kapilkot. In the 1819 Rann of Kutch quake, the sanctuary was considerably harmed, leaving just the principle tower and internal sanctum in a decent condition. It was again harmed somewhat during the Bhuj seismic tremor.


The inside piece of the sanctuary is square fit as a fiddle, each side 8 feet 6 inches (2.59 m). The dividers of the hallowed place are 2 ft 7 in thick (0.79 m). The holy place has a circumlocutory way or pradakshina which is of 2-foot-6-inch width. This entry gets characteristic lighting from two open cut-stone punctured windows. Of the first lobby or mandapa of the sanctuary, which had a width of 18 ft 9 in (5.72 m), just the northern divider has endure. There are a couple of very much cut models on the divider. The tower of the sanctuary is professional with ornamentation of eight triangle-molded figures as chaitya windows on each face of the tower. Fixed between the windows are very much created models of human figures. These sculptural arrangements are rehashed one over the other in progressively diminishing size, as the stature of the tower increments. At the sides of the hallowed place, there are smaller than usual towers, and a similar sort are worked above them in an inside set-in highlight which lies at the principle huge focal tower. The outside essences of the towers are all around ornamented with richly cut figures. There are many stone figures of Yakshas around the sanctuary premises. A yearly reasonable is held here which is gone to by countless enthusiasts.

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