Brahma Sarovar is an antiquated water pool hallowed to Hinduism in Thanesar, in the territory of Haryana in North India. Hinduism lays accentuation on washing up for inward and outside virtue. Most strict locales have water pools or sarovar in or close to the Hindu sanctuary and Sikh gurdwara. The Hindu family history registers at Kurukshetra, Haryana are kept here.


As per accounts of legends, Master Brahma made the universe from the place that is known for Kurukshetra after an enormous yajna. The Brahma Sarovar here is accepted to be the support of human advancement. The sarovar is likewise referenced in the eleventh century Advertisement diaries of Al Beruni, called ‘Kitab-ul-Rear’. The sarovar likewise has a notice in Mahabharata refering to its utilization by Duryodhana to conceal himself submerged on the finishing up day of the war.
A hallowed altar committed to Ruler Shiva remains inside the sarovar, open by a little scaffold. As indicated by sacred writings, washing in this sarovar builds the holiness of playing out the ‘ashvamedh yajna’. The pool offers an amazing sight during the Gita Jayanti festivities held every year in the most recent seven day stretch of November and early December when a ‘profound daan’ function of gliding lights in water and [Aarti] happens. This likewise happens to be when transitory winged animals from far off spots show up at the sarovar. The Birla Gita Mandir and Baba Nath’s haveli and sanctuary are the neighboring attractions.

Sunlight based obscuration custom

The pools are particularly packed during sun oriented shrouds since it is accepted that washing there during the sunlight based overshadowing is a bathing of wrongdoing. On 29 Walk 2006, a sun oriented overshadowing was noticeable in the area and it drew an expected one million individuals to the site. At whatever point a shroud is obvious from the Sarovar, several thousands accumulate in the pools.