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Maviddapuram Kandaswamy Temple

Maviddapuram Kandaswamy Temple (Tamil: மாவிட்டபுரம் கந்தசாமி கோவில்) is a Hindu sanctuary in Maviddapuram in northern Sri Lanka.


As indicated by legend Maviddapuram has had a Hindu holy place for a long time. As per another legend, an eighth century Chola[a] princess Mathurapuraveeravalli,[b] girl of Tissai Ughra Cholan, the King of Madurai, was delivered with a tenacious intestinal issue just as facial deformation which made her face resemble a pony. She was prompted by a minister/sage to wash in the freshwater spring at Keerimalai. In the wake of washing in the spring Mathurapuraveeravalli’s disease and distortion evaporated. In appreciation she revamped a Hindu place of worship, situated in Kovil Kadavai around two kilometers south east of the spring, into a full sanctuary respecting the Hindu god Murugan (Skanda). The King of Madurai sent stone carvers, craftsmen, building material, rock, sculptures, gold, silver and so on to help with the redesign. The sanctuary’s sculpture of Kankesan (Murugan) was brought by means of the port of Gayathurai which was later renamed Kankesanthurai.
The name Maviddapuram is gotten from mama (horse), vidda (expelled) and puram (heavenly city). The sanctuary was wrecked and reconstructed a few times. The current day sanctuary dates from the seventeenth century.
Just “high” station Hindus had been permitted to revere in the sanctuary. In 1968 a few hundred “low” standing Hindus, principally Pallar and Nalavar, organized a peaceful dissent outside the sanctuary doors however were met with viciousness from a gathering of “high” station Hindus. In June 1968 “low” station Hindus raged the sanctuary. They were offered access to the sanctuary following the mediation of Illankai Tamil Arasu Kachchi (ITAK, Federal Party). C. Suntharalingam, who had driven the “high” station protection from freeing the sanctuary up to the “low” positions, was indicted under the Prevention of Social Disabilities Act and fined Rs. 50 by the Supreme Court. This demonstration, which had been acquired as a private part’s bill by ITAK in 1957, made the forswearing of passage into a position of love on grounds of station an offense.
During the mid 1990s the northern piece of the Valikamam locale were pronounced a High Security Zone (HSZ) and all the inhabitants ousted. The sanctuary was inside the HSZ and accordingly its ministers were expelled by the military. The sanctuary’s structure was bombarded and its substance plundered. Following the finish of the common war the military loosened up certain limitations on entering the HSZ, permitting clerics and admirers to come back to the sanctuary. The sanctuary’s 108 foot gopuram has been re-constructed however a great part of the seventeenth century sanctuary was pulverized during the common war.
The sanctuary was announced an archeological ensured landmark in December 2011.

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