Kabul was the capital of the incomparable Hindu Shahi rulers. Afghanistan was an incredible focal point of Vedic culture. There were numerous Hindu sanctuaries in Afghanistan. A few sanctuaries in Kabul have endure the ongoing disturbance.
Rundown of Hindu sanctuaries in Kabul
In Kabul, there are a few Hindu sanctuaries:
Asamai Hindu sanctuary, Old city, Dargaa, Asamayi: The Asamai sanctuary is at the lower regions of the focal slope Asamayi (Koh-I-Asamayi) of the Afghan capital. The slope is named Asamai after Asha, the goddess of expectation said to be available on the ridge since old occasions. The Akhand Jyoti (nonstop fire) there has been consuming continuous for a long time. The sanctuary and the Jyoti have endure various clashes in Kabul and are tokens of Afghanistan under the Hindu Shahi lords. The Asamai sanctuaries of New York, London, Faridabad, Frankfurt and Amsterdam are named after the popular Kabul sanctuary.
Baba Jothi Sorup Mandir, Darwaza Lahuri
Bhairo Mandir, Shor Bazaar
Master Hari Rai Gurudwara, Shor Bazaar
Mangalwar Mandir, Shor Bazaar
In Kandahar, there were Hindu sanctuaries in Shikarpuri Bazaar, Kabuli Bazaar and Jhampeer Sahib (close to Sarpooza) and Devi-dwara (close to Dand).
There have likewise been Hindu sanctuaries and Gurudwaras at Chasma Sahib, Sultanpur, Jalalabad, Ghazni, Helmand (Lashkerga).
The fundamental Hindu inhabitants of Afghanistan have been Mohyals, Khatris and Aroras, some different networks like Bhatias, and Brahmins other than Mohyals have likewise been available there.