Sajāwand (Dari/Pashto: سجاوند) is a village in Baraki Barak district, Logar province, Afghanistan.
Sajāwand was known in the early Islamic era as Sakāwand or Sagāwand (Persian: سکاوند\سگاوند), also Shakāwand (شکاوند) in the writings of Al-Biruni, Arabized into Sajāwand from the 10th-century onwards. This name may stem from the Pali word सक्क (Sakka) used as an epithet for the god Indra, the Vedic King of the Gods (being synonymous with the locally venerated god Zhūn) and the possessive suffix -vant. This understanding is supported by the notes of the Chinese traveler monk Xuanzang, who in the 7th-century CE described the site as the Śunāsīra mountain, Śunāsīra being another epithet for Indra. In medieval sources the town has also been known under the name Bahāwand (meaning “place of great) value”.